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  • Morley: Now Is The Month Of Maying

  • Dowland: Flow, My Tears

  • Bennet: Weep, O Mine Eyes

  • Farmer: A Little Bonny Lass

  • Morley: Since My Tears And Lamenting

  • Morley: April Is In My Misstress´ Face

  • Morley: My Bonnie Lass She Smileth

  • Dowland: Go, Crystal Tears

  • Farmer: Fair Phyllis

  • Dowland: Come, Heavy Sleep

  • Dowland: Can She Excuse My Wrongs

  • Greaves: Come Away, Sweet Love

  • Dowland: Burst Forth My Tears

  • Dowland: Wilt You, Unkind

  • Jones: Farewell, Dear Love

  • Wilbye: Adieu, Sweet Amaryllis

  • Dowland: Come Again

Elizabethan Love

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